I'm Justin. I'm a freelance photographer and director based in Durham, North Carolina.  My passions include anything related to a camera, reading both non-fiction and philosophy, and exploring places I shouldn't be.  If you want to chat, hire or even just annoy me you can do so here!


Where to find my annoying, sub par thoughts on the internet:







My day job is at Apple.  You can check out some of my iPhone photos below or go here.


Jordon + Justin Wedding Films

Recently a good friend of mine and I started to take the wedding business a little more seriously with Jordon and Justin Wedding Films. I’ve been doing wedding films for the past few years in a very unofficial capacity, but now operate under a more formal umbrella. We’re a wedding film company here to immortalize your big day.


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Part Time Astronauts 

My night project is running a creative house and taking on printing jobs with Part Time Astronauts.  We're an unconventional marketing company that specializes in music videos, photo printing and product fulfillment.  I'm the lead director and handle the project's internet presence.  I also do all our photo printing which we offer here.

Donating Differently 

I currently serves as founder and creative curator for Donating Differently, a community-driven photography project with a philanthropic focus.  The goal is to tie together two passions that rarely find themselves intertwined: photography and philanthropy.  Donating Differently is a platform where photographers from around the world donate work, we both create and sell the prints, and proceeds go directly to charitable organizations.

* This project is currently on a stand still.  I'm in the process of figuring out how to make it work more efficiently .  I truly believe in this endeavor and hope to one day make it my primary focus.